Tom Hanks embraces two of man’s best friends in the trailer for Finch

Image: Apple TV Plus

Tom Hanks is set to return to Apple TV Plus in Finch, a soon-to-debut feature film about a robotics engineer surviving a new post-apocalyptic world with his four-legged companion Goodyear (and a robot).
The heart of Finch’s storyline centers on Hanks’ determination to find a caretaker for Goodyear after his death. The

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Aurora Plots Robotaxi Service With High-Tech Toyota Minivans

The autonomous tech company has begun receiving modified Toyota Sienna minivans for a test program that lays the groundwork for a commercial ride service it aims to launch in 2024.

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Another deal for F5 Networks: $68M acquisition of Threat Stack to add cloud monitoring capabilities

Threat Stack video screenshot
F5 Networks plans to acquire Boston-based cloud monitoring company Threat Stack for $68 million.
The acquisition agreement, announced Monday morning, is the latest in a string of deals for the Seattle-based application security and delivery company, which has spent more than $2 billion to absorb a variety of cloud and security software ventures in the last

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Ordinary Lowly Lampposts Aiming To Stand Tall For Bolstering AI Self-Driving Cars

Lampposts can do a lot more than merely provide light for our roadways, and efforts are underway to leverage lampposts for the advent of self-driving cars.

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Dan Stevens And Maren Eggert Experiment In Mechanical Romance In ‘I’m Your Man’

Dan Stevens plays Tom, an advanced robot that is lifelike and pleasant in manner who is assigned to Alma, played by Maren Eggert) in the German dramedy ‘I’m Your Man,’ directed by Maria Schrader.

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Artificial intelligence: The road to data privacy and ethics

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly adopted in many industries and our day-to-day lives. The concept of AI is…

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This AI could predict 10 years of scientific priorities—if we let it

Every 10 years, US astronomers have to make some tough decisions. Outlined in a plan called the Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics, a set of studies produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, these decisions determine the next decade’s scientific priorities for the field.  

The Decadal Survey has set the stage for big leaps in space exploration since the early 1960s. The

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Driverless Battery Electric Tractors Coming Via Company Led By Tesla Vet

A former Tesla vet and partners have developed a driverless, battery electric farm tractor aimed at saving money, and the Earth.

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