“We’ll never have true AI without first understanding the brain”

The search for AI has always been about trying to build machines that think—at least in some sense. But the question of how alike artificial and biological intelligence should be has divided opinion for decades. Early efforts to build AI involved decision-making processes and information storage systems that were loosely inspired by the way humans seemed to think. And today’s

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Project Gucciberg offers classic audiobooks read by an AI deepfake of Gucci Mane

Project Gucciberg: AI’ced up.

Ever wanted to have Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis read to you by trap god Gucci Mane, creator of such hits as “Lemonade” and “Wasted”? Well, a) that’s an awfully specific desire, and b) it’s your lucky day.
Project Gucciberg is the latest drop from viral factory MSCHF, and

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“Ample” Launches New Battery Swap For EVs That Could Avoid The Failures Of Previous Ventures

Ample is a new electric vehicle charging system which works by having robots quickly replace small modular battery packs in electric cars, getting them back on the road in a few minutes, not unlike a gasoline fill-up. Battery swap has failed before, but this might change that.

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Artificial intelligence research continues to grow as China overtakes US in AI journal citations

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The artificial intelligence boom isn’t slowing yet, with new figures showing a 34.5 percent increase in the publication of AI research from 2019 to 2020. That’s a higher percentage growth than 2018 to 2019 when the volume of publications increased by 19.6 percent.
China continues to be a growing

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War Of The Wingmen: New Robot Fighters Weigh In

Kelley Aerospace have unveiled the latest addition to a new class of combat drone being fielded by nations around the world to fight alongside manned jets. Although supposedly just sidekicks, the new ‘Loyal Wingmen’ represent a revolutionary change in air warfare.

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Tech Moves: Zulily hires Nike exec as new CTO; Google vet Phil Bogle joins Kalshi; Auth0 adds CISO

Courtney Kissler. (Zulily Photo)
— After executive stints at Nordstrom, Starbucks, and Nike, Courtney Kissler is now the CTO and senior vice president of technology at Seattle online retailer Zulily.
Kissler was most recently VP of Nike Global Technology and helped lead the athletic giant’s inventory and fulfillment systems. She was VP of Retail Technology for 18 months at Starbucks,

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Health data startup Truveta hires Seattle Foundation CEO Tony Mestres as president

Tony Mestres will leave the Seattle Foundation in May to join Truveta.
Tony Mestres, a former Microsoft vice president who has been president and CEO of the Seattle Foundation for seven years, will leave the position in May to become president of Truveta, the health data startup led by former Microsoft Windows chief Terry Myerson as CEO.
David Bley, a

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Quanergy Optimizes Optical Phased Array Lidar

Quanergy has announced its latest updates of its solid-state lidar, which utilize optical phased arrays (OPA) in CMOS-compatible silicon photonic integrated circuits (PIC). Quanergy has demonstrated 100-meter range (about 110 yards), and it is aiming to achieve a 200m range by the end of the year.
Lidar, an acronym for light detection and ranging, is a sensing technique that, by

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