Amazon gives customers a way to immediately delete Alexa voice recordings — here’s how to do it

The new Echo Show 10 features a panning camera that moves to look at the user. (Amazon Photo)
Privacy was front-and-center for Amazon at the company’s big devices and services event this week.
The most noteworthy privacy-related announcement was a new feature for Alexa that lets users automatically and immediately delete their voice recordings. Amazon rolled out options last year

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Remote Recruitment – Tools, Best Practices, and Latest Trends

With an increase in companies and organizations working remotely, there has been a significant rise in remote recruitment. Naturally, this has created a change in the organizational structure and the means of communication between the recruitment team and hiring managers.
HR professionals and recruiters are trying to adjust to remote recruitment while ensuring that the efficiency of information flow among

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Magic Leap tried to create an alternate reality. Its founder was already in one

Reality finally set in for Rony Abovitz in May. The augmented reality headset that had been under development for nine years inside his company, Magic Leap, had been a colossal flop. In a tearful address over video conference, Abovitz told employees that he would resign.

Abovitz, whose infectious optimism helped Magic Leap secure total investments of about $3.5 billion, didn’t stay

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Time to Open Eyes to Eye Tracking

Be honest with yourself, when Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, did you truly understand what a seminal moment that was? No, me neither, and I’m a tech analyst.
How about when Steve announced the launch of the App Store the following year? Yep, I’m zero for two as well.
Together the iPhone and App Store revolutionized pretty

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will reportedly return in new Disney Plus series

Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Samuel L. Jackson is reportedly returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but this time, he’ll be taking on a starring role in a new Nick Fury TV series for Disney Plus.
Details are slim on the project — reported by both Variety and Deadline — which is still in the early

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These weird, unsettling photos show that AI is getting smarter

Of all the AI models in the world, OpenAI’s GPT-3 has most captured the public’s imagination. It can spew poems, short stories, and songs with little prompting, and has been demonstrated to fool people into thinking its outputs were written by a human. But its eloquence is more of a parlor trick, not to be confused with realintelligence.

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The Dangerous Security Of An Amazon Drone That Spies On The Inside Of Your Home

The main offering of the Always On Cam is peace of mind for people with little to actually be worried about. And it comes at the mere cost of a robot, living in their home, that they cannot control, which can save video to a computer that isn’t theirs.

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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek pledges over $1 billion of his personal wealth to “moonshots”

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Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek is pledging to invest the equivalent of a megafund’s worth of European “moonshots.”

During a virtual talk Thursday hosted by event organizer

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