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Lunar robotics company Ispace has scheduled its first two missions to the moon

Japanese firm Ispace, which specializes in robotics and intends to become one of the first lunar delivery companies, has announced its first two missions to the moon. The first trip (scheduled for 2020) will carry a payload into orbit, while…

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A New Security Startup Wants to Stop School Shootings with Artificial Intelligence

In this age of frequent deadly shootings, the majority of teens–and their parents–worry about the possibility of an attack at their own school. A new artificial intelligence security system is aiming to give parents and their kids some additional peace…

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Despite a Lack of Deployment, AI Viewed as Top Talent Management Tool

Enterprise leaders feel that artificial intelligence can help solve their talent-management problems—but relatively few organizations are investing in AI solutions for HR.

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Japan’s ispace strikes deal with SpaceX for launches to the moon in 2020 and 2021

An artist’s conception shows ispace’s lander and rover on the lunar surface. (ispace Illustration)

SpaceX has been signed up to provide rides to the moon for a pair of payloads built by ispace, a Japanese robotics and resource exploration company.

The announcement…

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Will 5G be necessary for self-driving cars?

Self-driving cars will need to be connected, but will we need 5G to realise autonomous vehicles?

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To Break a Hate-Speech Detection Algorithm, Try ‘Love’

Companies like Facebook use artificial intelligence to try to detect hate speech, but new research proves it’s a daunting task.

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Is Artificial Intelligence Poised to Become the Future of Information Technology?

If you are in the Information Technology space, you are likely knowledgeable on what artificial intelligence holds. In fact, considering AI, the future of Information Technology appears bleak to some experts but promising to others. If a tech worker is…

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Paul Allen enlists machine-learning tools for monitoring wildlife and ecosystems

Machine-learning technology can contribute to image recognition programs that could identify elephants in aerial imagery on their own. (Vulcan Photo)

Paul Allen has made a name for himself as a co-founder of Microsoft, a supporter of artificial intelligence research and a…

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