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Sony launches WH-CH700N noise-cancelling headphones

Sony India launched the WH-CH700N wireless headphones on Wednesday, specially designed for long hours of music playback, adding to its range of noise-cancelling headset devices in India. The headphones feature Sony’s Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation (AINC) technology, which analyses background…

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Technology News We Never Saw Coming in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: 2018 brought us some significant improvements in tech, but a few of those happenings–from an autonomous car carrying a drunken driver to a subpoena for a robot and big data-catching crooks–were surprises.

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US spies want to know how to identify compromised AI

The US government’s research arm for intelligence organizations, IARPA, is looking for ideas on how to detect “Trojan” attacks on artificial intelligence, according to government procurement documents.

Here’s the problem the agency wants to solve: At a simple level, modern image-recognition…

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What happens when AI-generated people look for love on Tinder

A new paper from researchers at Nvidia demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be used to generate realistic-looking faces. What happens when this technology is unleashed on Tinder?

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It’s a match! You and…

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Essay: One Giant Step for a Chess-Playing Machine

Televisions broadcasting the Google DeepMind Challenge Match between Google’s artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, a predecessor of AlphaZero, and South Korean professional Go player, Lee Sedol, in an electronics store in Seoul in 2016. The computer won the match.

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7 Predictions for AI in 2019

Artificial intelligence is a vast field with many unknowns, but it’s not hard to predict a few things that will or should happen in 2019 with the part of it that is deep learning.

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Don’t Ask When Self-Driving Cars Will Arrive—Ask Where

Autonomous vehicles are already on the road. Whether they’re “here” depends on where you are.

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Japan may be in hot pursuit of robotics, but on the farm it’s still all about human hands

The country that brought robots to car factories looks set to stay resolutely old-school in agriculture as it seeks to attract more foreign workers to …

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