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Bits: The Week in Tech: Who Should Let Driverless Cars Off the Leash?

Uber and Lyft want robocars to navigate city streets alone so they can offer rides 24-7 without human drivers to share the takings.

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Built Robotics’ massive construction excavator drives itself

I’ve never had a meeting quite like the one I had with Built Robotics.

Within about 10 minutes of meeting Built’s co-founder Noah Ready-Campbell, we’re steering an 80,000-pound construction excavator around what is basically his company’s back…

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Daimler Trucks buys a majority stake in self-driving tech company Torc Robotics

Daimler Trucks just announced that it’s acquiring a majority stake in Torc Robotics, a deal that will see the two companies collaborating on the development of Level 4 self-driving trucks.

Daimler Trucks is the world’s largest truck manufacturer and a division of…

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‘Bias deep inside the code’: the problem with AI ‘ethics’ in Silicon Valley

As algorithms play a growing role in criminal justice, education and more, tech advisory boards and academic programs mirror real-world inequality

When Stanford announced a new artificial intelligence institute, the university said the “designers of AI must be broadly representative of…

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Finland Is Using Inmates to Help a Start-Up Train Its Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Here’s one prison job you won’t find on Orange Is the New Black.

Inmates in Finland are working to train artificial intelligence algorithms as part of their prison work. There are 10 workstations between the prisons in Helsinki and Turku, a…

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Amazon’s Alexa Might Be Unleashed As A Robot In The Future So She Can ‘Explore The World’ Per ‘Daily Mail’

Amazon Alexa users have become used to barking commands at compatible devices, like the Amazon Echo or Dot. And for now, Alexa is just a voice that talks back to you. However, head scientist of Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence…

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Earn a free ticket to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019 with SocialLadder

Mobility is an expansive topic that includes drones, dockless scooters and autonomous cars — both terrestrial and aeronautic — plus all the ancillary tech required to get the job done. If Henry Ford and the Wright brothers were alive…

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Autonomous vehicle IP protection — when HAL is driving

Lucas Dahlin

Lucas Dahlin is an associate in Goodwin’s Intellectual Property group. He focuses his practice on complex intellectual property matters, with a particular experience in patent and trade-secret litigation.

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Autonomous cars are…

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