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Alphabet’s Other Bets shows the cost of starting three businesses

Alphabet is on a mission to be more than an ad company, and right now, it’s focusing on three groundbreaking ideas to do that: Wing, Waymo, and Loon.

In just the last week, Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car company, announced it was…

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The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million

It’s a hard, hard fall.

Anki, the robotics company that has raised over $200 million in venture capital, is laying off its entire staff and the startup is shuttering, Recode has learned.

In a teary all-hands meeting on Monday…

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Artificial intelligence should get the same ethical protections as animals

It might be a long time before we create an AI that can explain its feelings to us. But we could create ones as sophisticated as animals much sooner. How will we treat them?

Universities across the world are conducting major…

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Attention CIOs: AI Will Transform How You Do Your Job

Get ahead of the trend and drive artificial intelligence projects that are valuable to your company and your career.

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Ai Everything

More than 130 global experts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from over 80 countries are descending into Dubai to take part in the first edition of Ai Everything summit. The idea behind the event is to demonstrate how this deep technology…

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Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical

Brooks Rainwater

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Brooks Rainwater is the director of the Center for City Solutions and Applied Research at the National League of Cities.

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Cities that didn’t win HQ2 shouldn’t be counted out

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Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity?

Historian Yuval Noah Harari and computer scientist Fei-Fei Li discuss the promise and perils of the transformative technology with WIRED editor in chief Nicholas Thompson.

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Tech billionaires spending millions to curb Artificial Intelligence

Tech billionaires understand the impact of artificial intelligence in our future more than anyone else. They have spent their whole lives in tech and made a fortune out of it. But, not all tech billionaires are fans or advocates of…

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