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AI Can Spot Disease As Accurately As Medical Professionals, Study Says

A new study in The Lancet Digital Health reveals that artificial intelligence (AI) might be able to detect diseases from medical imaging as accurately as humans, Newsweek reports.

According to the study, which reviewed 14 existing studies that compared…

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Will Tesla’s Autopilot System Change Vehicle Use?

Driverless, fully automated cars are projected to increase overall travel. But what about vehicles with partial automation that are already on the road? Will people drive them more than non-automated vehicles? A recent study shows they may already be having…

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Self-Driving Startup Embark Raises $70 Million, Opens Freight Transfer Hubs For Robot Big Rigs

The Silicon Valley tech firm created by two twenty-something Canadian computer scientists landed its biggest investment round and is opening cargo transfer hubs for its fleet of robotic semis.

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Ford expands self-driving vehicle fleet to Austin

Ford is adding another city to the list of places it’s going to be deploying self-driving vehicles: Austin. The automaker revealed that the Texas city would join Miami-Dade County and Washington, D.C. as the third deployment location for its…

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The future of work will be far less frightening when there’s more women in AI

Open a web browser. Pick up a newspaper. Search for stories about artificial intelligence and the future of work. While scholarship on the topic is getting increasingly nuanced, you’re still likely to confront dire warnings about how smart machines are…

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Interview: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on AI, the cloud and the bank’s big bet on Seattle tech

“It changes everything. It’s a huge opportunity,” says JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, explaining the company’s investments in cloud technology and artificial intelligence. (JPMorgan Chase Photo)

Jamie Dimon, the JPMorgan Chase CEO and chairman, will visit Seattle on Wednesday, which happens…

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For lease: A robo-dog that could totally crush you with its dexterous little paws

Haven’t we seen how this plays out?

Boston Dynamics, the robotics lab formerly owned by Google, says its robot dogs—the ones basically straight out of Black Mirror—are now available for “select early customers.”

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Direct-To-Consumer Selling Is Coming To Retail Categories You Couldn’t Have Even Imagined

New technology makes it easier to buy products you choose with your taste buds, like wine or perfume, than ever before. Because it’s tech-enabled, you don’t have to be present, artificial intelligence can now tell you what products you’ll prefer.

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