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Amazon reportedly in advanced talks to acquire autonomous vehicle startup Zoox

(GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)
Amazon is in advanced talks to buy the self-driving vehicle startup Zoox Inc., according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal would value Zoox at less than the $3.2 billion that the company raised in 2018,…read

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Former Microsoft AI and Bing chief Harry Shum joins fast-growing startup News Break as chairman

Harry Shum, former Microsoft AI and Research chief, has joined News Break as chairman. (News Break Photo)
Microsoft’s former top artificial intelligence executive, Harry Shum, has signed on as chairman of the board of News Break, the tech startup founded and…read

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Autonomous vehicles make sense in the coronavirus. But they’re hurting

Autonomous vehicles, in theory, make more sense than ever in a socially distanced world. 

Forget the anxious all-caps message urging the delivery driver to leave the food on the steps—wouldn’t it feel infinitely better to see an utterly humanless Waymo car…read

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Contribution To Autonomous Vehicles

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie Total Recall had a number of interesting concepts for the future, and one of the most interesting was “Johnny Cab.” Johnny Cab would seem to be a very interesting model for autonomous entire articleon Forbes –

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The Match & Mismatch Of Amazon Buying Self-Driving Unicorn Zoox, As Is Rumored.

Reports surfaced, first in the Wall Street Journal of Amazon being in negotiations to buy Zoox, the self-driving entire articleon Forbes – Business

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Unlocking the value of values with AI

In 2019, the UK ranked second in the world in the AI readiness index and it led Western European countries as the most prepared country to bring Artificial Intelligence into business. In fact, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agenda…read

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How tech will change the way we work by 2030

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain will have a significant impact on work in the next decade and beyond. But if you believe the sci-fi hype or get bogged down in the technology, it can be…read

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Bundesliga teams up with AWS to give football fans real-time match insights

The German Bundesliga has integrated Amazon Web Services technology into live broadcasts to give football fans real-time insights into the games playing out in front of them.Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) will be deployed to gather player data…read

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