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NASA’s new Mars rover is bristling with tech made to find signs of alien life

Deep down, our drive to explore Mars has always been about figuring out the story of life in our solar system. Are we alone? Were we always? Or is life

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Smart devices, a cohesive system, a brighter future

If you need a reason to feel good about the direction technology is going, look up Dell Technologies CTO John Roese on Twitter. The handle he composed

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Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance robot launches to detect life on Red Planet

The Perseverance robot launches from Florida on a seven-month flight to the Red Planet.

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Valorant’s newest hero has some adorable robots

Killjoy is the latest character coming to Riot’s team shooter Valorant, and she’s a German hacker with what sounds like some useful skills. She has access to

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A stowaway helicopter on NASA’s Mars rover will attempt the first flight on another world

An artistic rendering of Ingenuity deployed on Mars. | Image: NASA

When NASA’s latest Mars rover, Perseverance, launches this week, the robot will have a tiny

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TikTok CEO calls out Mark Zuckerberg for attacks ‘disguised as patriotism’

At Wednesday’s antitrust hearing, Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is set to tell Congress his company is an American success story crucial in winning an internet arms race against China.

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Junior Geek of the Month: Heven Ambachew uses tech to pursue her passion around social justice

When Heven Ambachew was unsure how she could integrate technology with her other interests, she found direction through Geeking Out Kids of Color (GOKiC). Three years later, the high school

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At Ford factories, Boston Dynamics’s robot dog Spot is teaming up with a new robotic friend

Through its new robotic collaborations, the infamously creepy dog-shaped robots could soon ride on wheels and launch their own drones.
A couple years ago, the internet had a mild freakout

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