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How AI will revolutionize manufacturing

Ask Stefan Jockusch what a factory might look like in 10 or 20 years, and the answer might leave you at a crossroads between fascination and bewilderment. Jockusch is vice president for strategy at Siemens Digital Industries Software, which develops applications that simulate the conception, design, and manufacture of products like cell phones or smart watches. His

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Investigation into Amazon warehouse safety finds higher rate of injuries at robotic facilities

An Amazon package at the company’s fulfillment center in Kent, Wash. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)
Amazon fulfillment centers with robots have experienced “significantly higher” rates of human injuries in the past four years than those without them, supporting the theory that increasing automation can require humans to work at unsafe speeds, according to a new report.
That is one

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What you need to know about Nvidia and VMware’s big new A.I. deal

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Nvidia and VMware have partnered on a major artificial intelligence deal in which VMware will make its data center software compatible with Nvidia’s computer chips tailored for deep learning.

VMware announced the partnership on

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How democracies can claim back power in the digital world

Should Twitter censor lies tweeted by the US president? Should YouTube take down covid-19 misinformation? Should Facebook do more against hate speech? Such questions, which crop up daily in media coverage, can make it seem as if the main technologically driven risk to democracies is the curation of content by social-media companies. Yet these controversies are merely symptoms of a

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Seattle startup HaptX lands grant to build full-body ‘robotic exoskeleton’ for virtual reality

A fully-functional prototype of a lower-body “exoskeleton” HaptX built and tested. (HaptX Photo)
HaptX just landed funding from the National Science Foundation to create a full-body haptic system.
The 8-year-old Seattle startup received a $1.5 million grant and will work with Virginia Tech and the University of Florida on a 4-year project called ForceBot. The system combines HaptX’s microfluidic touch

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Smart cities need smarter governance

Opening up localities to artificial intelligence and big data needs regulation to ensure it gets off the ground.

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SoftBank unveils food service robot to reduce COVID-19 infection risk

The device, named Servi, can collect and drop off dishes, and carry a load of up to 35 kilograms.

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Scientists have created a microscopic robot that ‘walks’ on four legs

The scientists behind a microscopic “walking” robot hope their tech could one day be used against cancer.

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