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A journalist-turned-detective on how corporate America depends on private sleuths

In the late 1990s, Tyler Maroney worked as a reporter for Fortune. But a chance encounter with an employee of Kroll, the large corporate detective agency, set him off on a new career as a private investigator. After working for Kroll, he went on to found his own investigations agency, Quest Research and Investigations (QRI), based in New York.

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How Taiwan’s COVID response became the world’s envy

While many countries around the world are hitting new highs in coronavirus cases, Taiwan has achieved a different kind of record — 200 days without a locally transmitted case.

Taiwan holds the world’s best virus record by far and reached the new landmark on Thursday, even as the pathogen explodes anew in Europe and the U.S. Taiwan’s

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Chanel West Coast Dresses Up Like An ‘Austin Powers’ Fembot For Halloween & Poses On A Bed

Chanel West Coast got into the Halloween spirit a little early by rocking a costume that was flirty, fun, and totally shagadelic.
On Friday night, the 32-year-old Ridiculousness star took her 3.5 million Instagram followers on a trip back to the swinging ’60s with her sultry look based on the evil fembots featured in the 1999 spy spoof Austin Powers:

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Plus Safety Report Stakes Out “High Mileage” Approach To Deploying Driverless Trucks

In their newly-released Safety Report, Plus asserts that safe deployment of driverless trucking requires billions of miles of on-road testing.

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Here’s our best look at ray tracing on the Xbox Series X

We’ve been waiting months to see what next-gen games and ray tracing will truly look like on the Xbox Series X. Today, we’re getting a first good look at the next-gen Xbox’s ray-tracing capabilities, thanks to Watch Dogs: Legion. Set in London, the game includes drones, self-driving cars, and lots of historical sites to explore.
As it’s

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Waymo pulls back the curtain on 6.1 million miles of self-driving car data in Phoenix

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Over 21 months in Arizona, Waymo’s vehicles were involved in 47 collisions and near-misses, none of which resulted in injuries

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Fog Computing and Its Role in the Internet of Things

Fog computing refers to a decentralized computing structure. The resources, including the data and applications, get placed in logical locations between the data source and the cloud. One of the advantages of fog computing is to keep many users connected to the internet at the same time. In essence, it offers the same network and services that cloud-based solutions provide,

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The Robot Ships Are Coming … Eventually

As the pandemic fuels demand for less contact and fewer sailors, shipping companies turn to AI-assisted navigation.

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