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AI armed with multiple senses could gain more flexible intelligence

In late 2012, AI scientists first figured out how to get neural networks to “see.” They proved that software designed to loosely mimic the human brain could dramatically improve existing computer-vision systems. The field has since learned how to get neural networks to imitate the way we reason, hear, speak, and write.

But while AI

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This cute book explains AI to children, without scary Terminators

Are robots just another animal on earth?

Algorithm. Machine learning. Neural network. Singularity. These are the sorts of terms that make the idea of artificial intelligence tough to grok. But a new book by Matteo Loglio, cofounder of the product and interaction studio oio, aims to make AI accessible to children.Read Full Story

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‘Critical’ year ahead for haptics market

The market for haptics technology is growing exponentially and is set to be worth almost $5 billion in 2025, according to a report published Tuesday (February 23rd) by Cambridge, UK-based consultancy firm IDTechEx Research.
The growth will be driven by its increasing use in smartphones, as far as volumes are concerned, but the technology is beginning to appear in other

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Automatic for the robots

Robot design is usually a painstaking process, but MIT researchers have developed a system that helps automate the task. Once it’s told which parts you have—such as wheels, joints, and body segments—and what terrain the robot will need to navigate, RoboGrammar is on the case, generating optimized structures and control programs.

To rule out “nonsensical” designs, the

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GaN ToF Laser Driver for Lidar System Design

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) announced the eToF Laser Driver family for lidar system design. The new gallium nitride (GaN) family aims to deliver time-of-flight (ToF) applications for autonomous cars and 3D sensing across the consumer and industrial sectors.
EPC’s new lidars integrate the device driver directly with the GaN-based laser. This configuration eliminates nearly all the inductance that exists when

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Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Is Hot In AI, But Getting A Cooler Reception For Self-Driving Cars

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is hot in AI, but not necessarily so for self-driving cars.

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Robot Dog Wars: How Spot’s Rampage Gets It Wrong And The Armed Robots You Need Really To Worry About

The robotics performance artwork Spot’s Rampage aims to highlight the threat of military machines using Boston Dynamics’ creepy robot dog — but it is hopelessly misguided and distracts from the real killer robots.

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Government still intends to introduce Coding and Robotics as subjects in SA schools

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) confirmed that it will introduce coding and robotics as subjects in South African schools pending the approval of education regulator Umalusi.

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