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Barring Those Gearhead Enthusiasts From Tinkering With Self-Driving Cars

Those vaunted gearheads are going to be barred from tinkering with self-driving cars and won’t be allowed to do any under-the-hood wonderment.

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DoD Opts for Microsoft Meatware: HoloLens + Azure

Beyond a new revenue stream which has already driven a higher stock price, the contract Microsoft recently announced to deliver its HoloLens 2 virtual reality headset to the US Army may provide a few other goodies for the company.
First, the US Army rollout will help Microsoft refine its product for non-military high reliability markets such as industrial and health

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Hasbro’s new $700 Optimus Prime toy can finally transform all on its own

Transformers are some of the most iconic toys around — an action figure and a car! All in one! A true bargain! But as modern Transformers toys have gotten more complex, they have also become an absolutely huge pain to actually transform from car to robot and back again, often requiring multiple shame-filled trips back to the

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Ukraine Might Field A Drone Strike Force—And It Could Knock Out Russian Tanks

In the event of a major war, Ukraine’s robots could swarm Russian army formations, overwhelming air-defense systems and knocking out tanks and other vehicles.

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AV Foxes Guarding Public Hen House

Picture the scene: A young family goes grocery shopping in Arizona. On approaching the store entrance, a group of scientists spray the unsuspecting family with an experimental drug. Immediately the adults’ eyes burn and the children experience severe breathing difficulties. “What are you doing?” scream the parents. The scientists’ two-word answer is instant and emotionless: “Saving lives.”
This scenario would

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What will self-driving trucks mean for truck drivers?

Trucking is a big employer but autonomous trucks are on the horizon – are they a threat?

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Avengers Campus is finally opening at Disneyland on June 4th, complete with aerial Spider-Man robot

An artist’s rendering of the new Avengers headquarters at Disney California Adventure | Disney

After being delayed for almost a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Avengers Campus will finally open at Disneyland, specifically at the Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim, California on June 4th, according to the company (via CNBC).
The new area

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3 Innovative Tools That Will Transform the Way You Code

It’s pretty much impossible to visualize a world that doesn’t rely on electronic devices that are hooked up to the internet to help each of us communicate with one another. In the past 20 years, the concept of software development has changed significantly.
To keep up with the amount of information at our fingertips, automated solutions need to rely on

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