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Artificial intelligence: UK and EU take legislative steps – convergence or divergence?

The market be watching to see how closely the UK AI strategy aligns with the EU framework.

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The robot paramedic saving lives, and other tech news

BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at the best tech news stories of the week.

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How to accelerate the world into the 5G era

Demand for 5G smartphones is reaching an all-time high

In 2021, consumers and institutions alike are fast-tracking a digital revolution in an unprecedented era of social distancing and remote work—a trend that may continue long after the pandemic subsides.

The time is ripe for many commercialized products and services to ride the wave of

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Google’s plans to bring AI to education make its dominance in classrooms more alarming

The tech giant has expressed an ambition to transform education with artificial intelligence, raising fresh ethical questions.
When Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the company’s annual I/O Developers Conference on May 18, 2021, he made two announcements suggesting Google is now the world’s most powerful organization in education. Opening the livestreamed keynote from the Mountain View campus gardens, Pichai celebrated

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21 Memorial Day Deals to Spruce Up Your Smart Home

From smart toothbrushes to app-controlled power strips, these deals will add a high-tech boost to your abode.

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Self-driving vehicles to be trialled in Cambridge

It is hoped the vehicles, which carry up to 10 people, will transform public transport.

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New Workflows Are Driving Growth. Here’s How Adobe And Coca-Cola Envision The Transformation

Large organizations with global reach rely on new technologies—ranging from cloud computing to robotic process automation—to make their operations and workflows smoother, faster and more efficient.

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Google is helping deploy AI to prevent pests devastating Indian crops

Watch out, pink bollworm: artificial intelligence is coming for you.
In India, 70% of rural households depend on agriculture, of which 80% are smallholder farmers, owning two hectares or less. About 6 million cultivate cotton, a cash crop that’s India’s third-largest agricultural product after rice and wheat. It’s particularly vulnerable to pests: In 2017, half of the entire cotton crop

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