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Report details how Alaska Airlines is using AI to better map flight routes and save time and fuel

(Alaska Airlines Photo)
If you’ve ever stared out the window of a passenger plane, or tracked your flight as it moves across the sky on the animated video screen in front of you, you may have wondered how the pilots even know what direction to take. Skilled human flight planners take care of all that — and now they’re getting

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AV Complexity Explained

Autonomous vehicle development continues to attract large investments in transportation and other industrial sectors. Those bets are needed as a host of tough technical problems remain far from being solved.
As I see it, here are three key questions:

Why is the AV problem so hard to solve?
How do different AV use cases affect the AV problem?

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Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence: A Pathway to Trustworthy And Unbiased AI

Using AI for automating manufacturing and improving our work streams, such as providing robust CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) is an excellent application for AI.

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Washington state universities will lead AI research institutes funded by National Science Foundation

The University of Washington and Washington State University are adding artificial intelligence research institutes thanks to $40 million in funding from the National Science Foundation.
UW and WSU will house two of 11 newly created institutes that span seven different areas of AI. Each institute will receive $20 million in funding over five years.
UW’s research lab, the

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Aurora Leverages Uber Ride Data To Plan High-Speed Robotaxi Service

The Silicon Valley startup intends to initially focus its autonomous ride service on highway routes, which it thinks may be higher demand and more lucrative in 2024.

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DDoS Can Cripple a Blockchain, What Does This Mean to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Over two decades old, blockchain has become the actual foundation for mining, security, and the creation of cryptocurrency. It is dependable, trusted, and widely used for multiple forms of digital currency around the world.
DDoS Can Cripple a Blockchain
Merely due to its digital nature, blockchain is susceptible to attack and exploitation. One of the most dangerous threats to blockchain

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TuSimple Enlists Ryder To Build Out A Robot Truck Network

The San Diego-based robot truck developer will use Ryder’s maintenance facilities for its “autonomous freight network.”

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Scientists share a wiring diagram tracing connections for 200,000 mouse brain cells

A 3-D reconstruction of cells from the MICrONS data set shows the complexity of shapes and branching axons and dendrites in a mouse brain. Each cell is labeled with a different color. (MICrONS / Allen Institute)
Neuroscientists from Seattle’s Allen Institute and other research institutions have wrapped up a five-year, multimillion-dollar project with the release of a high-resolution 3-D map

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