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Is A Malicious Mass Control Takeover Of Self-Driving Cars Whilst On Our Roadways Really Possible?

It is worthwhile to give consideration to the concerns about a potential future mass control takeover of self-driving cars, which highlights today the need to include tight and robust cybersecurity protections.

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Apple updates iMovie to adjust focus in iPhone cinematic mode footage

Apple has updated the iMovie app for Macs to let users edit and adjust the focus in videos recorded using the iPhone 13’s new “cinematic mode” — though you’ll need to wait until you can update to the latest macOS Monterey on October 25th to take advantage.
Introduced in September with the latest clutch of iPhones, cinematic

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Intelligent industry: good for the plan(e)t

There is a growing prevalence across the manufacturing industry to harness the benefits of AI and robotics to unlock efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and improve speed to market. This is driven in part by the need for businesses to be more efficient with the (limited) resources and budgets they have available, but also by the fact that customers are now

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These weird virtual creatures evolve their bodies to solve problems

An endless variety of virtual creatures scamper and scuttle across the screen, struggling over obstacles or dragging balls toward a target. They look like half-formed crabs made of sausages—or perhaps Thing, the disembodied hand from The Addams Family. But these “unimals” (short for “universal animals”) could in fact help researchers develop more general-purpose intelligence in machines. 


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Desperate for Workers, Restaurants Turn to Robots

They can make French fries, mix drinks and even clean toilets, and they never ask for a raise. But they also break down.

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This Raspberry Pi add-on lets you control Lego robots

Image: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is releasing an add-on that will let you use many of its tiny, inexpensive computers to control certain Lego robot motors and sensors. The add-on is called the Build HAT (HAT stands for Hardware Attached on Top), and slotting it onto a Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins will give you four ports

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Walmart Black Friday deals are live: shop early sales on TVs, toys, laptops and more

Black Friday deals are live at Walmart, and yes, you heard that right! The retailer is kicking off the Black Friday 2021 shopping season with early deals that you can shop starting at 8:15 PM ET tonight. Walmart’s Black Friday preview sale includes deals on TVs, toys, laptops, kitchen appliances, vacuums, and more, and we’re rounding up all the top

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MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019) vs MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021)

The new Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch is officially here, powered by the all-new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and it offers the most powerful MacBook Pro experience yet; but which one comes out on top between the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019) vs MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021)?In the battle of the full-sized MacBook Pros, you’ve got two of

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