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Intel has officially sold its SSD business to SK Hynix

SK Hynix, South Korean memory semiconductor supplier of DRAM chips and flash memory chips, has completed stage one of its acquisition of Intel’s SSD and NAND businesses.This follows recent official Chinese approval of the deal, which will see Intel being paid over $7 billion.To handle its new SSD business, SK hynix formed a new subsidiary, called Solidigm. It will be

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Curi Bio raises $10M for stem-cell based drug discovery platforms

Curi Bio’s “Mantarray” platform enables muscle cells to be grown in three dimensions. Muscle tissue, in pink, is growing in each circular well. (Curi Bio Photo)

Seattle-based startup Curi Bio has raised $10 million to advance its platforms for drug discovery, based on human stem cells.

Curi Bio enables screening of new drugs using

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Alexa Shockingly Tells 10-Year-Old Girl To Put A Penny Into An Electrical Socket, Which Provides Important Lessons For AI Self-Driving Cars

A recent news report about Alexa telling a young girl to do a dangerous stunt is a reminder that we need to be wary of the things that AI tells us to do, including in the home and even while riding in AI-based self-driving cars.

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The best movies and TV shows of 2021: TechRadar’s streaming year in review

2021 is almost over – how did that happen, by the way!? – and, just like other years that preceded this one, it’s been another stellar 12 months for the world’s bigges streamers.Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max continued to pump out movies and TV shows that were lapped up by fans and critics alike. And, with Disney Plus

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TuSimple Claims Autonomous Trucking’s First ‘Driver Out’ Highway Run

The autonomous-driving tech company said it successfully completed a test run of a robotic semi in Arizona highway that was the world’s first on public roads without humans in the cab.

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5G, consolidation and sustainability: Five mobile industry trends to watch in 2022

The mobile industry continued to play a crucial role in society during 2021, helping billions of people around the globe stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues as lockdowns and pandemic-related disruptions continued into a second year.5G rollouts continued at pace, new smartphones wowed consumers and businesses, while telcos diversified into new areas to meet demand for sophisticated collaboration and

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Best new games 2022: the biggest games coming to console and PC

We’re almost at the end of 2021, which means the start of a new year – a new year of exciting video games. There are so many new game releases due in 2022, across all platforms, it keeps us awake in the early hours; from cinematic blockbusters to slow-burn RPGs. A thrilling 12 months lie ahead, and we can’t wait.But,

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Waymo plans fleet of self-driving, all-electric robotaxis with Chinese automaker Geely

Flat floors, low entry, and B-pillarless design — Waymo’s concept art of the coming cars. | Image: Waymo

Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo is partnering with Chinese automaker Geely to create a fleet of all-electric, self-driving robotaxis.
The cars will be designed in Sweden (where Geely owns Swedish carmaker Volvo) and will be adapted from Geely’s

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