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AT&T wants to give its 5G customers more freedom than ever before

AT&T has announced its plans to expand its 5G network in an effort to allow customers in the US to roam off of private networks while still remaining connected to its public mobile network.The telecom is collaborating with Microsoft and using Azure private MEC to deploy private wireless networks across a range of radio spectrums including CBRS as part of

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Ambient Sensing: The Next Step for the Smart Home

Although the term ‘smart home’ seems to have been around for years, the industry itself is relatively nascent. While our current generation of Google Homes and Amazon Alexas have established the smart home, they also embody its limitations.
The technology behind smart devices promises levels of convenience and interoperability that were unsurpassed a few years ago; but current expectations aren’t

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Hyperscalers and 5G: Collision or Collusion?

Despite talk of 5G versus hyperscalers, 5G networks and hyperscalers are absolutely a match made in heaven.
5G’s massive machine-type communications (mMTC) feature set enables private and public networks to support up to one million devices per square kilometer. That’s just one example of how and why IoT and other connected devices will generate about 73 zettabytes annually by 2025,

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Qualcomm’s new AI modem promises rapid 5G speeds for your next phone

Qualcomm has launched a new modem-RF system that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve “breakthrough 5G performance”.Announced at MWC 2022, the Snapdragon X70 is set to become the world’s first 5G modem-RF to feature an integrated AI processor when it launches later in 2022.According to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, the Snapdragon X70 will offer 10 Gigabit downloads over 5G, low

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European Space Agency claims joint Russian Mars rover probably won’t launch this year

An artistic rendering of the Rosalind Franklin rover on Mars. | Image: ESA

A joint Russian-European mission to Mars will likely be delayed in light of new sanctions against Russia and the country’s ongoing assault of Ukraine. The delay is the latest space partnership to feel the side effects of Russia’s invasion here on Earth.

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The AI promise: Put IT on autopilot

Sercompe Business Technology provides essential cloud services to roughly 60 corporate clients, supporting a total of about 50,000 users. So, it’s crucial that the Joinville, Brazil, company’s underlying IT infrastructure deliver reliable service with predictably high performance. But with a complex IT environment that includes more than 2,000 virtual machines and 1 petabyte—equivalent to a million gigabytes—of managed data, it

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Microsoft expands Azure for Operators with hybrid cloud platform

Microsoft’s push into the telecoms sector has been strengthened at Mobile Worlrd Congress 2022 (MWC) with the launch of several new services that expand its ‘Azure for Operators’ cloud propositionThe most revolutionary of 5G applications – such as Industry 4.0, virtual reality and some AI workloads that rely on real time data – will require ultra-low latency that is simply

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How China built a one-of-a-kind cyber-espionage behemoth to last

The “most advanced piece of malware” that China-linked hackers have ever been known to use was revealed today. Dubbed Daxin, the stealthy back door was used in espionage operations against governments around the world for a decade before it was caught.

But the newly discovered malware is no one-off. It’s yet another sign that a decade-long quest

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