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Emerging FoodTech: Robots And The Resilient Spirit Of “Techspitality” In The Food Business

The world of automation and robotics has jumped off engineering drawing boards and moved into restaurant dining rooms and kitchens. The time has come to add Food Technology to the growing list of priorities in your food company’s strategic plans.

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Can Neurotechnology Help Aphasia Patients?

Neurotechnology solutions developed by companies such as BIOS Health could be the key to treating chronic conditions such as aphasia. But adoption remains very much in the future.
Anyone who is a Bruce Willis fan will suddenly be aware of a condition called aphasia, as news emerged yesterday that the actor was diagnosed with this communication disorder.
The news hits

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Where’s my jetpack? It was at MARS conference, along with Jeff Bezos and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

A robotics presentation plays out at Amazon’s MARS 2022 conference. (Andy Jassy via Twitter)

Billionaire Jeff Bezos missed out on his usual chauffeuring duties at the West Texas launch orchestrated today by his Blue Origin space venture, but he had a good excuse: He was presiding over Amazon’s MARS 2022, an invitation-only conference held this week in

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The best robot vacuum you can buy right now

Photo Illustration by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge

These wonderful little robots do all the hard work for you

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FMCW LiDAR Empowers 4D Vision in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Machine vision is an essential feature in many real–world applications, enabling machines to sense and perceive the world around them. SiLC Technologies, Inc. (SiLC) launched its Eyeonic Vision Sensor to deliver the coherent vision and chip–scale integration to the broader market. SiLC’s latest vision sensor takes LiDAR to a new level of performance by providing dual–polarization intensity information while enabling

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Millions of smartphones send metadata to servers in Russia

Web services provider Yandex has admitted that it stores user metadata in Russia-based servers, raising concerns that the government in Moscow could be able to track individual users via their smartphone.Yandex has traditionally been positioned as a ‘Russian Google’, offering users a range of services like search, email, maps and an app store where users can download applications to their

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Google is using AI to better detect searches from people in crisis

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

In a personal crisis, many people turn to an impersonal source of support: Google. Every day, the company fields searches on topics like suicide, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. But Google wants to do more to direct people to the information they need, and says new AI techniques

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Waymo Starts Fully Autonomous Rides In San Francisco, Expanding Arizona Robotaxi Zone

The Alphabet Inc. unit says it’s the first company to operate autonomous ride programs in multiple cities.

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