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Elden Ring devs could be working on a game we've been waiting on for 10 years

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware is working on multiple new projects, raising the question of what the studio could have in store for us next.Following the release of Elden Ring earlier this year, the studio has begun a new recruiting drive. “We have started recruiting staff for a wide range of occupations for multiple new projects,” it tweeted (translated using Google).

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Training a 20–Billion Parameter AI Model on a Single Processor

Cerebras has shown off the capabilities of its second–generation wafer–scale engine, announcing it has set the record for the largest AI model ever trained on a single device.
For the first time, a natural language processing network with 20 billion parameters, GPT–NeoX 20B, was trained on a single device. Here’s why that matters.
Why do we need to train models

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PCIe 7.0 To Double Data Rate – Again

The sixth iteration of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCIe) specification only came out at the beginning of the year, but the organization responsible for shepherding it is already looking ahead to PCIe 7.0.
During the PCI–SIG Developers Conference 2022, the PCI Special Interest Group (SIG) announced it has committed to releasing PCIe 7.0 in 2025. PCI-SIG technical workgroups are getting

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Take that, GitHub: AWS launches its own AI coding assistant

Seemingly no sector is safe from Amazon, which will now compete with GitHub with a new AI coding assistant from Amazon Web Services (AWS).The new tool, called Amazon CodeWhisperer, provides developers with machine learning-based suggestions aimed at boosting productivity.The new tool supports code written in Python, Java, and JavaScript, and integrated development environments (IDEs) such as VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, and AWS

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Google is making Chrome on iOS safer than ever

Google is making its Chrome browser a lot safer on Apple’s mobile platform with the addition of several new security features.In a blog post, Google’s Product Manager, Nasim Sedaghat, announced five new features being introduced to Chrome on iOS, including two security-oriented ones ported from the desktop version.But the company has also looked to make Chrome on iOS more engaging

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Yann LeCun has a bold new vision for the future of AI

Around a year and a half ago, Yann LeCun realized he had it wrong. 

LeCun, who is chief scientist at Meta’s AI lab and one of the most influential AI researchers in the world, had been trying to give machines a basic grasp of how the world works—a kind of common sense—by training neural networks to predict

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More AI for devs: Amazon unveils CodeWhisperer machine-learning ‘coding companion’

Swami Sivasubramanian, AWS VP, announces the new CodeWhisperer service at re:MARS in Las Vegas. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

LAS VEGAS — Amazon Web Services showed a new service that uses machine learning to generate code suggestions for software developers, stepping up its efforts in the growing area of AI-powered programming.

The new service,

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Cruise is now charging for rides in its driverless vehicles in San Francisco

Cruise, the autonomous vehicle company backed by General Motors, is now officially a commercial service. The company began charging for rides in its self-driving taxis in San Francisco this week, marking an important milestone for the company’s plans to expand its service.
The company said that fared driverless rides are currently taking place with “most riders” in

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