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Shenzhen accelerates China’s driverless car dreams

The United States took an early lead in autonomous vehicle technology, but the industry appears to be changing gears in Shenzhen.

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14 new movies and shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more in August 2022

We’re nearly two thirds of the way through 2022. And, even though we’re in the middle of summer (sorry, southern hemisphere dwellers), the world’s biggest streamers have plenty of new movies and TV shows for us to watch over the next four weeks.Below, we’ll run you through 14 of the most anticipated films and TV series set to land on

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AI Ethics Confronting Whether Irate Humans That Violently Smash Or Mistreat AI Is Alarmingly Immoral, Such As Those Angered Folks That Lash Out At Fully Autonomous AI Systems

Consider the AI ethics of humans that mistreat AI, including people that lash out at AI-based self-driving cars.

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Seattle startup Shelf Engine lays off 43 employees due to ‘challenging economic conditions’

(Shelf Engine Photo)

Shelf Engine is the latest Seattle startup to cut its workforce.

The company, which helps grocers manage food orders, confirmed to GeekWire that it laid off 43 employees due to “challenging economic conditions.” It didn’t provide an updated headcount; the startup employed 200 people in September when it raised cash from

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Gmail will make sure you're almost certainly emailing the right person

Google has announced it will begin using its “new machine learning models” to get better search suggestions in Gmail. The tech giant says searching for a conversation, file, or contact information in the Gmail Search Box will now bring up more contextual results with intent matching for names and contact information. Users may notice that results will now be reordered in

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Amazon milestones: 1st-party online sales drop to 42% of business; 3rd-party units hit new high

Amazon wants to expand long-term into areas such as a healthcare, self-driving taxis, and home robots, but two data points from its latest results reveal a more fundamental transformation already taking place in its core business.

1. The company’s first-party online store sales of $50.9 billion in the second quarter represented less than 42%

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Meta developers will be asked to program almost exclusively in these four programming languages

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta has approved four key design language for its workers and developers to use, with a handful of other languages approved for specific case-by-case usage. The company’s own Hack programming language is among the four supported languages moving forward; it’s a typesafe variant of the open-source PHP language that works on the HipHop Virtual Machine, and

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Dead spiders reanimated as creepy 'necrobots'

Researchers have turned dead wolf spiders into machine grippers that can be used to pick up a variety of objects, including other spiders, by blowing air into their lifeless corpses.

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