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U.S. Restricts Sales of Sophisticated Chips to China and Russia

Limits were placed on high-end GPUs that power supercomputers and artificial intelligence, said Nvidia and AMD, two Silicon Valley chip makers.

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This obscure startup wants to kill Blu-ray, tape with 'cheap' 1TB optical disc

Folio Photonics has announced new advances in the field of material science it says will pave the way for ultra high-capacity, low-cost optical disc cartridges.The data storage company claims to have developed the first “economically-viable, enterprise-scale optical storage discs with dynamic multi-layer write/read capabilities”, delivering a dramatic improvement in cost per capacity.Modern archival discs feature only three optical layers per

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Bill targeting Tesla's 'self-driving' claims passes California Legislature

Tired of waiting for the DMV to act on what they see as a serious matter of public safety, California lawmakers took the matter into their own hands.

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Tesla Raises ‘FSD’ Price To $15K. Does It Signal They Are Giving Up?

What if the increase in Tesla’s FSD price means they can just buy another company that produces self-driving, then resell that system at a profit they already collected?

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What does GPT-3 “know” about me? 

For a reporter who covers AI, one of the biggest stories this year has been the rise of large language models. These are AI models that produce text a human might have written—sometimes so convincingly they have tricked people into thinking they are sentient. 

These models’ power comes from troves of publicly available human-created text that has

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Will Transit Agencies Fight Or Yield To The Self-Driving Revolution?

Transit agencies resist solutions to transportation goals that are not transit. Should they have say over policy matters for their competition, and if not, how should policy be decided?

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Sony’s four rumored cameras suggest video is now its biggest focus

Sony’s barren year for new camera launches could soon come to an end, according to some fresh rumors. And these new models will seemingly strengthen the feeling that Sony’s priority is now very much video cameras rather than photo-centric ones.The tech giant has just published a new YouTube teaser titled “cinematography meets robotics”, with the launch scheduled to go live

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How Can Financial Institutions Prevent Breaches with Layered Security?

According to CSIS, financial institutions are the top targets of cybercriminals.For many, this is not surprising. It’s not difficult to see what makes banks appealing to cybercriminals. Besides direct monetary gain, threat actors can obtain the sensitive information of millions of people who trust their bank with their personal data.Banks are already investing a lot in cybersecurity — especially as

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